Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California

Serving Cemetery Properties Since 1931

The Non-Profit Organization Serving California Cemeteries and Funeral Homes


2018 - 2019 Officers and Directors


 President                    Paul Goldstein - Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary
 Secretary                               John Llewellyn - Forest Lawn Memorial - Parks & Mortuaries
 Assistant Secretary              Darin Drabing - Forest Lawn Memorial – Parks & Mortuaries
 Chief Financial Officer         Ken Varner - Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association
  Vice President                      Steve Schacht - SCI
  Past President                      Rick Miller - Inglewood Park Cemetery


 Scott Atherton - Turlock Memorial Park and Funeral Home
 Kevin Brown - Inglewood Park Cemetery
 Steve Doukas - Commerce Holding Company, Inc. 
George Estes - Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and Funeral Home
 Cathy Fiorelli - NorthStar Memorial Group
 Bob Gordon - Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association 
Peter Manasse - Tulocay Cemetery Association
 Alma Ochoa - Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Orange 
 Ray Ortner - Lone Tree Cemetery Association
 John Resich, Jr. - Green Hills Memorial Park 
 Walt Scheffer - Cherokee Memorial Park and Funeral Home
Randy Thwing - Santa Barbara Cemetery
 Michael Wesner - Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Orange
 Kent Woods - SCI – California Funeral Services



  Chuck Irwin
  Dennis Poulsen 
  Mary Tripp


 Jerry Desmond, Jr.


Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California
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